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Adhesive label on rough surfaces

This label can stick on a rough and oiled surface, for automotive products or pumps for example

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Expert advisor and manufacturer of technical labels for industry

Experience and expertise

Expert advisor and manufacturer of technical labels

ESIAC OUEST is not only a supplier of standard and packaging adhesive labels but also an expert advisor and manufacturer of technical labels for industry.


For over 20 years, we have initiated effective actions to ensure manufacturers succeed in their search for identification and marking solutions.


ESIAC OUEST stands out in its business sector as both a relevant and technically capable supplier. For many years we have acted as a pilot converter to the main manufacturers of adhesive complexes.




Marques fournisseurs étiquettes Esiac





Our experience and expertise are precious allies as we work hand in hand with you to define solutions that meet every aspect of your expectations.


To do so, our preferred method is the individual study, performed jointly by our ESIAC regional support team, your buying department, and your technical staff.


We can complete our groundwork with lab testing and the execution of pre-production prototypes.



Numerous solutions already exist to meet the various specifications we receive, whether these are derived from technical industry (automotive, electrical, electronics, chemicals, etc.) or other sectors (logistics, wine making, cosmetics, etc.).


Etiquettes industrielles et packaging

We handle numerous special cases:


For industrial labels: approval and standards, adherence problems, marking endurance, resistance to chemical aggression, rubbing, adverse weather, tamper proofing, etc.


For packaging labels: aesthetics, print quality, adaptation to the backing material, etc. all cases the goal remains the same:The best result for the least outlay