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Adhesive label on rough surfaces

This label can stick on a rough and oiled surface, for automotive products or pumps for example

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Printing adhesive labels with total respect for the environment

ISO 14001 V 2004 Certification


This certification signifies that environmental management holds a vital place in our organisation. 

We adhere to a number of principles:


1. We ensure environmental processes keep pace with standards


2. We regularly review and update the environmental aspects of our business


3. We reduce, sort, collect, and reuse or recycle our waste


4. We train our staff and communicate with all parties involved


5. We keep track of and apply legislation and regulations affecting the printing sector


6. We implement methods for saving energy and raw materials


7. We ensure the safety of our personnel and preserve our infrastructures


8. We choose suppliers and service providers who approve of these steps


These resolutions are concretised by actions like the acquisition of a biological wash fountain, the implementation of procedures for reducing our energy and raw material consumption and making the best use of our waste.


Label ethics

A project that started off by achieving ethics through direct intervention in our environmental aspects has developed into a full-blooded economic policy within the scope of our ongoing improvement programme.


By undertaking targeted, measured actions alongside our standard quality management actions, we achieve maximum gain from committed outlay to create an impetus of environmental improvement.


With this approach, we can picture new markets buoyed by the development of our values.

We are among the first French printing houses to formalise this civil approach.