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Adhesive label on rough surfaces

This label can stick on a rough and oiled surface, for automotive products or pumps for example

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Digital printing is a process using a combination of digital and offset technology.


The advantages of this type of printing are

- reduction in technical costs by eliminating films and plates

- unrivalled adaptability thanks to digital processing of the source file


A new solution:

This technique offers a new solution for printing in small batches or multiple models.


Print quality:

Digital printing quality is comparable to that of a traditional offset press.


Digital printing options:

Scratch-off inks, gilding, film coating, varnish, holographic materials, security labels, numbering, barcodes, etc.


Digital four-colour printed labels

Digital four-colour printed labels

Presentation and embellishment of your product or packaging.   Digital four-colour or IndiChrome (CMYK + 2 pantones) printing, so as to get as close as...

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