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Adhesive label on rough surfaces

This label can stick on a rough and oiled surface, for automotive products or pumps for example

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A comprehensive product range and individualised customer service

In an identification market involving all kinds of potential suppliers, ESIAC's stance is that of a reliable, competent partner providing a comprehensive product range and individualised customer service.


We set up a win / win partnership with you, based on



- Providing relevant, best cost solutions
- Showing industrial responsiveness to meet your production deadlines
- Being flexible enough to adapt to your constraints and changes
- Managing just-in-time supplies with a buffer stock
- Maintaining a keen sense of provided service, in the factory and in the region
- Keeping your secrets through non-disclosure agreements


Our commitment to satisfying you is the fruit of many years experience working with manufacturing industry and motivating our staff.


Both of our ESIAC production sites have their own quality manager, in charge of all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 matters.


The confidence that an ever growing number industry standards-setters have shown in us is testament to the lasting quality of our offering.


We are aware that even though a label might sometimes seem insignificant compared with the product it identifies, it is nonetheless indispensable, with a stock-out cost often far more critical than its purchase price.


This observation, along with our determination to establish lasting partnerships, is what motivates our efforts. Our involvement in your satisfaction is total.


Every day our production staff strives to ensure delivery times are met and our output complies fully with specifications and is traceable.