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Adhesive label on rough surfaces

This label can stick on a rough and oiled surface, for automotive products or pumps for example

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Esiac Group, labels and product marking, standard or made to measure

ESIAC OUEST, based near Nantes, is a reliable, competent partner for your IDENTIFICATION and MARKING requirements on products and equipment across all business sectors.

Our multiple speciality companies offer unique, all-embracing know how:
  1. Identification & Traceability
    1. Signage & Decoration
      1. Security & RFID
        Packaging & Marketing
        Printers & Ribbons

        Our technology watch, combined with our existing expertise, means we can provide you with relevant solutions to meet your specifications at the best price.
        ESIAC OUEST also brings you the kind of responsiveness and flexibility only a human-scale company can provide, along with personal, close-at-hand service.